Innovative Drywall Design Services

When you are building or remodeling it is important to imagine beyond the four walls and flat ceiling. If you are having trouble creating that special touch, or if you know what you would like but do not know how to do it, call us in for a consultation. We have seen and done numerous custom wall finishing jobs. We will help you design your dream.

  1. Archway Drywall, and other unique passageway designs
  2. Vaulted, curved, and recessed ceilings
  3. Soffits and Curved Soffits
  4. Smooth finish, orange peel and knockdown
  5. Bump up 'Coffered' Ceilings
recessed ceiling

Make a visual impact.

Vaulted, curved, and recessed ceilings. Coffered and other decorative touches make your project one of a kind.

Industry-Leading Drywall Installation

We guarantee a friendly, fast, and clean installation experience. Using the newest tools and the highest quality materials on the market today, we install efficiently, minimizing broken and wasted materials

  1. USG Bead X Beads and molding products
  2. All walls, ceilings, and surfaces
  3. Magic Corner Expansion Control for crack-free peak angles
  4. Complete, accurate installation and clean up
  5. Drywall and Plaster wall repairs
archway drywall

Create something memorable.

Archway Drywall, and other unique passageway designs. Let us help you create something unique in your home.

Highest Quality Drywall Finishing

We use USG Bead X System on corners ensuring there will not be future cracks on corner beads. Trim X Bead is used in bathrooms so that there is no rust created due to moisture in bathrooms. On vaulted ceilings, we use Magic Corner expansion control that prevents cracks in vaulted peak ceilings.

  1. Best tools and materials for Drywall "mudding and taping"
  2. Spray on textures; including smooth, orange peel, knockdown and acoustic ceiling
  3. Smooth curves, Vaults, Soffits, and complex corners
  4. Painting and wall finishes
  5. Wall repair, patch, and paint
  6. Fresco and Plaster work
knockdown and orange peel drywall textures

Go beyond plain, smooth and white.

Try orange peel and knockdown on your ceilings and walls to add character.

Quality Drywall Services

Michael Waidelich is an independent, high-quality drywall installation and finishing contractor.

Waidelich Drywall is an LLC with over 25 years experience in the field of wall construction and finishing. We are a fully-insured contractor with a portfolio of Commercial and residential work.
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